Admiral Ushakov Maritime Institute

Морський інститут післядипломної освіти ім.контр-адмірала Ф.Ф.Ушакова

Welcome to Admiral Ushakov Maritime Institute!

Most of you are trying to make an important decision right now in order to understand which profession to choose in your life. This choice is really determinative and therefore it should be well-considered. For young people, having made a choice of maritime profession, it should become the sense of their lives and the wish of their hearts. However, dreaming of traveling to faraway countries and exploring something new should lead to the education at special institutions and then obtain a practical experience on the ships of different types. Though applicants don't even imagine how difficult and diverse maritime science is.

Our educational institution keeps best traditions of training and preparation of specialists of the highest level. When joining our student family a young man gets a key to the secrets of the future profession. Educational process will lead those who want to be the great specialists to the professional maritime life.

We will be happy to see you at our Institute, future masters, navigators, engineers! We are sure that we will meet you in our Institute lecture rooms in the nearest time!



About Institute


Private Institution “Admiral Ushakov Maritime Institute” (previously known as “Institute of post-graduate education “OMTC”, Kherson branch”) was established 21.02.2000 and aimed at providing of high-quality training, retraining and upgrading of seafarers working on the ships of Ukrainian and foreign shipping companies.

Educational process in the Institute is provided according to STCW/78 as amended, ISM Code, ISPS Code and IMO recommendations, national and shipping companies’ requirements with issuing of all necessary maritime documents.

Faculty of training and post-graduate education of maritime industry specialists of AUMI conducts training of students on specialty 271 "River and Maritime transport" due to the following specializations:

- "Navigation"

- "Operation of ship power plants"

- "Operation of ship’s electrical and automation equipment"

Bachelor academic degree (MESU order 1397Л from 30.06.2016; MESU order 1405Л from 12.07.1996). Term of education on the base of complete secondary education is 4 years; on the base of junior specialist level is 3 years. There are full-time education and distance education at physical and legal bodies’ expenses.

Technical and vocational education department conducts training of seafarers on the base of complete secondary education on the following occupations:

            7241. "Ship electrician"

            8340. "Motorman"

            8340. "Seaman"

            5122. "Ship’s Cook"

            5123. "Bartender"

            Professional trainings last from 22 to 28 weeks.

PI "Admiral Ushakov Maritime Institute" applies modern education-simulator equipment that aims at optimization of seafarers training level and upgrading according to current requirements of national and foreign shipping companies.

In 2002 the innovative navigation-simulator complex was set. It consists of 8 navigation bridges working in one virtual space. This complex is an integrated system that imitates Navigation Bridge equipped with modern facilities, including radars, electronic mapping system, ship power plant system control module, GMDSS apparatus, radio navigation system module, ship loading control system.

In 2006 the simulator of engine-room for three types of vessels was created for training and skills developing of watch keeping in engine-room and in central control room of modern ship.

Nowadays academic staff of AUMI includes approximately 100 of experienced and highly skilled instructors of different ranks and specialties. They provide training and upgrading of seafarers - specialists of maritime transport and maritime industry.

Inviting atmosphere and service give students and participants an opportunity to  be fully concentrated on educational process. Quality and high efficiency of education are provided with the help of:

            - Modern and flexible academic programs;

            - Experienced and competent instructors;

            - Specialized modern simulators and ship equipment that guarantee appropriate level of training and upgrading.

Our Institute provides high quality training and retraining of maritime industry specialists ensuring constant demand on the international level.

Admiral Ushakov Maritime Institute also guarantees a high quality consult concerning maritime documents for officers and ratings free of charge.

PI "Admiral Ushakov Maritime Institute" always takes into account recent national and international requirements on seafarers training, ship security and world maritime environment protection. Educational base is always updating and include new programs and courses according to requirements of STCW/78 as amended. Admiral Ushakov Maritime Institute cooperates with: Odessa National Maritime Academy; Kherson State Maritime Academy; Postgraduate Education Institute "Odessa Maritime Training Centre"; "V.Ships"; number of maritime agencies and shipping companies.